Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Belly Stretching

Belly Stretching (Abdominoplasty) Applications

Belly region is most damaged area in human body. During life, because of pregnancy, gaining and loosing weight is caused to damage on belly region.  Getting fat, prolapsing, wrinkles and another difficulties lead to deformity. Abdominoplasty is applied on belly region in order to get back to esthetic and stretching of the region. Two kind of method for belly esthetic is available. First one is liposuction and another one is combinations of liposuction. Another one is Abdominoplasty method. Six pack region should be tighten and without surgery belly esthetic is recommended to patient in order to get his / her health.

What is the Abdominoplasty Surgery?

Fat intensity lead to poor and unhealthy seem and feel. In this case, what is the Abdominoplasty Surgery is wondered by people. Abdominoplasty is focused on to getting rid of the fat formation from belly region. Prolapsed muscles is stretched during operation. After the process, the patient can reach desirable view. Grab fat and belly stretching operation is aimed to straight and slim appearance.

What is the Variety of the Abdominoplasty Operations?

Prolapsing, getting fat and another difficulties that occurred in stomach and belly region, are aimed to getting rid of with operations. Stretching and making straight and slim is aim the region. With surgery belly aesthetic methods are diversify into three different way;

  • Mini Abdominoplasty: Skin flexibility and fat formation are evaluated as middle type,
  • Classical Abdominoplasty: Too much fat collection on stomach and flexibility featured has lost, the method is used as most common. Known as belly operation.
  • Marriage Abdominoplasty: Tiny formations of fat and little flexibility on skin.

 Who could be the Patient for Abdominoplasty Operations?

Despite go to the gym and having exercises, some people can’t loose any weight. Thus situated, for aesthetic reasons, belly stretching operations are recommended to the patient. Abdominoplasty is suitable for both ladies and men. But still, women needs to operation more than man especially after pregnancy. The result of the surgery, generally is blissful. Cost of the belly aesthetic is depend on which method is applied.