Breast Aesthetic

Breast Aesthetic

Many women need to have surgery in order to fix their breast. Breasts are changeable spite of many years that have passed and having baby or another changes. In order to provide health requirements or for esthetic concerns, breast aesthetic operations could be done. Today many developed and qualified possibilities are available. Another demands for breast by women could be, breast lifting and enlargement ways. Some difficulties can be seen about operations;

  • Prolapsed breast,
  • Size and length differences between breasts,
  • After pregnancy causes,
  • Too big or small breasts,
  • Psychological problems and various aches over back and neck that are undergone by women who have big breasts,
  • Psychological problems causes from having small breast,
  • After cancer treatment,
  • Gynaecomastia,
  • Prolapsed breast causes to backache and other problems, therefore breast aesthetic is done.


Breast Reduction Operations

Big breast formation causes to multiple problems. Psychological problems, several aches that commonly seen on neck and back. Restricted activities on daily life. All problems are pushed people to have Breast Reduction. Despite its heavy, today breast reduction operations could be simple thank to improved tech and surgical methods.

Breast Lifting Operations

Some reasons lead to having trouble with breasts. For example having babies, after pregnancy, breastfeeding, being adult, gravity and other factors are effective on big and unshaped breast. Lifting breast operations have same methods like breast reduction operations.

Breast Enlargement (Augmentation) Operation

The most preferred operation is detected as breast enlargement. Some methods are effective on for having big breast. Prosthesis, silicon and any other implications are available at the same time. Surgeon could choose which one fit on the patient for breast enlargement operation. Mostly used methods for lifting breast is below;

  • Drop shaped prosthesis,
  • Round shaped prosthesis

Prosthesis could be changeable across its content and structure. Some prosthesis that has different qualities about its content is below;

  • Prosthesis that contains silicon,
  • Prosthesis that contains serum

Prosthesis that according to its structure;

  • Straight surfaced prosthesis,
  • Rough surfaced prosthesis

The shape and content is decided by patient with surgeon advices. Breast lifting aesthetic methods are pretty cool and reliable.