Breast Augmentation

Breast Enlargement

Tiny and slim breasts are cause to depression on to women. In order to have attractive and beautiful appearance, women commonly want to have huge breast. Aesthetic and psychological expectations lead to desire for big breasts. Breasts also effective on women whole beauty. Some people do not have attractive breast. In this case, plastic surgery is ready for help. Breast enlargement operations should be try.

Breast Enlargement Ways without Operation

  • Breast enlargement with fat injection

There will not be any sewing, traces or any difficulties of operation. If you have a fair for surgical operations, fat injection will be fit on you. Mostly, breast augmentation operations could be scary. Injected fat, could be throw away within in course of time.

Breast Enlargement with Surgical Operations

Today, plastic surgery has developed and numerous ways for aesthetic concerns of men and women. In order to enlargement of breast, breast prosthesis will be placed under breast tissue. Hereby, capacity and length of the breast change automatically.

Implant Selections for Breast Augmentation

For breast aesthetic, the selection of implant could be important. Silicon prices are changeable according to sizes and demands. Two kind of prosthesis are available for breast aesthetic. The budget of the patient is effective on selections:

  • Drop shaped prosthesis,
  • Round shaped prosthesis

How the Breast Get Enlarged?

Prosthesis are changeable for women sizes and demands. In order to make larger of breasts;

  • Silicon contained prosthesis,
  • Serum contained prosthesis

Prosthesis according to surface formations;

  • Straight surfaced prosthesis,
  • Rough surfaced prosthesis


After the Breast Enlargement Operations

After 1 week all stitch taken away from patient. After aesthetic operations patient should move regularly, heavy gym activities and lifting weights are prohibited to patient about for 1 month. All medicine could be taken regularly, that is given by surgeon Traces are temporary.