Combined Applications

Combined Process

What is the Combined Process?

Aesthetic methods are shown variety. Therefore many application and clinical methods are available for different complains. In some cases, he patient could ask for multiple choices for different problems. Many people want to meet healthy and attractive life style. With Body aesthetic many diversified offer is presented to the patients. With combined process, numerous applications could be applied at the same time.

For example after pregnancy, many kind of difficulties can be seen on women. In this case, leg stretching and liposuction could be done at the same timeSurgeongenerally examine and decide to which dual could be done at the same time to the patient.

What is the Advantageous of the Combine Process?

Multiple or three of different operations are could be done at the same time for a patient. Esthetic operations for jaw, nose or ear, can be done with one session. Recovery time with combine operations are too slow to another way of operations.

After pregnancy and breastfeed to baby, many women need to have surgery to fix their breast. Thus, after that process, breast shrinks. In order to seem as young and attractive, some women ask for breast enlargement and breast lifting at the same time. These process could be possible. If the conditions are appropriate for combine surgery, the patient can have combine surgery.

Where to have Combine Surgery Applications?

All patients need to be informed about aesthetic operations. Someday, we need to have surgery for esthetic concerns. If the day today, aesthetic centers or full-fledged clinics are eligible for choosing. Another point will be the surgeon selection.

Combined operations are cheaper than single operations. Also İstanbul Aesthetic Center aware of how to operate an esthetic operations due to having qualified and eligible doctors. Combined operations are do not effect to another single one’s recovery time. Thus, every single data shows that, combined operations could be more beneficial.