Fat Graft Applications

Fat Graft Applications

Aesthetic applications have different surgical ways. One of the application is named as fat graft implementation. This way has different method. Firstly, patient fat tissues or fat formation withdraw from particular location. Secondly, taken fat formation is injected to patient body again nut different point. As conclusion fat is relocated in body. Across the time passing, all ones getting old. Gravity effect and another impact causes to collapsing on cheek or another part of body.

Which part of body is Eligible for Fat Graft Operation?

Wrinkles on faces is basic problems for aesthetic solutions. Fat graft method is effective on face wrinkles, lip wrinkles and for other troubles. Men and women apply this method for genital reginal applications. Another important way for fat grafting is applied for jaw filling, scar traces on face, collapsing on faces etc. Fat injection could be solution for all these problems.

One of the preferable method for face is Botox. But, fat graft operation is more beneficial than simple Botox applications. Fat graft is also known as fat injection. With this way, your own item uses for natural solution. Thus, body’s natural structure could be safe.

How to Operate Fat Graft Operations?

Mostly local anesthesia is implied on patients for fat injection operations. Thigh region, hip and the extent of somebody’s hipline are all injected fat. Fat formation is injected without imply on any process and does not wait too much. As conclusion pure fat formation that belong to own body, is injected. İnjection process is done under skin region.

After operations there could be seen erythema or swelling, but it is accepted as normal. Also bleeding problem could be seen.

Where to Fat Graft should be operated?

Fat graft operations are important and vital operation. Therefore clinic and surgeon selection should be right. Do not take your life and beauty risk and make your selection as İstanbul Aesthetic Center.