Fat Intake on Cheek (Bichectomy)

 Fat Pulling from Cheek (Bichectomy)

 Fat Pulling from Cheek (Bichectomy)

One of the esthetic application is known as Fat Pulling from Cheek (Bichectomy). Today, chubby shaped cheek is could be problem for somebody. The operations is done from mouth. Therefore there could not be any trace or sewing trail left.

This operations is provided to having slim and beautiful face formation. Many people demand for Fat Pulling from Cheek especially for movie stars. Face lines could be reorganize during operation. This operation’s result is named also Hollywood cheek. After operation, people can get desirable attractive and young face structure.

How to Operate Fat Pulling from Cheek?

The operation for fat pulling from cheek will be ended within 30 minutes. Operation is operated from mouth way to thorough cheek. General or local anesthesia can be possible for operation. After 3 hours of operation, the patients could be discharged. Thus beautiful and slim faces can be touchable after little clinic session. Cheek slim operation also possible for men. Also there will be no trace after operation is also an advantages.

After two months of operation, patient could have original slim face structure. Another important point is that, Bichectomy is a permanent operation. During recovery time, the patient should not to consume any alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. After melting fat of cheek operation, recovery could be easy.

One important point for operation is making right decision. In order to being permanent of operation, there will be no changing after operation. Permanent medicine consuming and pregnancy situations also should be told to surgeon.

Is Fat Pulling from Cheek Operation Expensive?

After fat pulling operations form cheek, new appearances could be well. Slimed and got young faces may make you happy. There will be changing for Fat Pulling from Cheek operations prices according to clinic services and surgeon. You have to make a search before fat pulling operation. Today new and advanced methods could be more expensive but they are simple and could be done in very limited time.