What is the Gynecomastia?

Modern life style expectations are started to be effective on all kind of people decisions. Especially for women many details and improved methods are available for plastic surgery. With women, men’s demands are also payed attention. What is the Gynecomastia? For well-groomed men, breast tissues should be enlarged. In order to make tissues enlarged, Gynecomastia is applied for the surgery.

In order to make breast region tight and enlarged for men, Gynecomastia is applied. After operations breast enlargement process is over. Breast enlargement can be seen one or two breast region at older or young men.

What is Symptom of the Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia effects are changeable for person to person. Some part of patient have complains about extra enlargement around breast. Also breast enlargement could be seen for two of the breast. Pain or another difficulties barely could be seen.

What is the Leading Reasons for Gynecomastia?

Numerous reasons are available at the same time for Gynecomastia. In order to challenge for breast enlargement, firstly main reasons and general problems should be known by patient and specialists.

  • Over weighting
  • Gynecomastia could be seen on newborn baby because of genetic transfer.
  • Hormonal imbalances,
  • Old age difficulties,
  • Puberty

According to İstanbul Aesthetic Center, barely seen symptoms are;

  • Medicine for heart and ulcer treatment,
  • Over consuming of alcohol,
  • Klinefelter syndrome effects,
  • Kidney failure and lung diseases

How the Treatment is applied for Gynecomastia?

First step for prevention of Gynecomastia effectsshould be to diagnose and describe that what the leading reasons are, correctly. If the medicine is harmful for body, medicine usage should be over. If the breast enlargement originated from puberty, it could be pass after three years without any Breast Enlargement treatment.

One of the effective and true way of treatment method is Breast Reduction surgery. The problem could be handled and esthetic appearances could be provided. Corset and another tightening applications could be try. Gynecomastia surgery, should be done under clinic and sterile places. Liposuction method is also imaginable.