Mastopexy Operation (Breast Lifting)

Breast Lifting (Mastopexy)

Breast structure is made of fat item originally. In course of time, several reasons cause to breasts prolapsed. Mainly, breastfeeding, gravity effect, getting older and genetic factors are effective on shape changing over breast. Prolapsed breast is defined as problem for women for proceeding their daily life. Therefore breast lifting operations could be very helpful.

How to Operate Breast Lifting Operations?

Generally prolapsed breast is a problem that causes from;

  • Over years, the tissues and fat formation change their location in breast,
  • Under breast tissues lost their sizes,
  • Some link that fixes the breast tissues to wall, could be loosen

With that difficulties cause to;

  • Head of the breast get prolapsed,
  • The fullness of breast is disappeared in course of time,
  • The consistency of the breast getting loosen,
  • Overage structure could be formatted in breast region,
  • Backache and neck pain could be seen as like as big breast

All deformations are erased with breast lifting operations. Breast operations could be done with varied way. It dependable for patient situation. Surgeon could plan how to operate and which way of operations. Plastic surgery has numerous possibilities and capability at same time.

The ways of Breast Lifting Operations

Two different kind of breast lifting operations are available now. Also two of them is used often;

  • Lollipop traced breast surgery, (vertical scar)
  • Anchor shaped breast lifting operations (mastopexy)

After Breast Lifting Operations

Surgical bra is set on breast after operations in order to keep the region stationary. Drain is attached to breast in order to throw away venose blood. After 3 or 5 days, wrapping and bra could be removed. 6 or 8 weeks off for sport activities. The medicine that given by doctor, should be taken regularly after breast lifting operation. After operations, the patient could be procced on their daily tasks.